Friday, August 12, 2011

49 Birthday in Noble Month

13 August 2011
oh yeah.
i'm really waiting for this date to come.
This sacred date is actually my mama birthday.
I'm thinking of buying her a present.
What the most a women like?
i'm asking my self?
perfume.nehhhh so common
handbag- booo common.
makeup- --".my mother does not wearing a makeup.because she naturally beauty.HAHA
so I make a decision to buy her small of gold locket.
#just thinking# HAHA ^^

However, the date fall on 13 August.which mean the day of our fasting day
Oh sorry mama.No cake for u. :p
But still we can go to the Bazar Ramadhan to by u
a very delicious Murtabak perhaps.HAHA.:P
But sadly i can't back home.
because there are a lot of assgmnt, test, presentation, quiz
that i have to face,
pity me! :(

#dont get emotional ur little crazy an! #
oh yeah finally i bought u the present.
hopefully u like it.
i wanna to buy u the big one however the budget not allowed me to do so. HAHA
like i always said
" i'm just a student" heee

Sorry for the late wish yesterday *18 minute late. oh damn!
glad to have a chit chat with u.
i'm sorry i dont know u age.*because i always look u as a younger personn. *nehhhh nak amik hati je! *.HAHA
it was funny when u said that u 27 years old.
i was likee..errr errrr errr.
and i said
"HAHA.bulan puasa mama, xbaik wat dosa.kita kna jujur" HAHA
and she was laughing.

So btw MAMA
hopefully i can back to selangor. ASAP.haha
to give u that present.
of before u forget
i pick the letter 'M' for ur because of ur name.

Ini La hadiah ngek tu!

-an- ^^

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